Saturday, September 24, 2011


Here is the track listing to my first series. No profit, no bullshit here just promoting hardcore/punk music. It's the age of the internet so let's take advantage of it by spreading the message to our friends and other people around the world. Please do support the bands and buy their releases. You can listen to it by checking out the small player on the upper right panel of this blog.

(Philippines) Staid - One Step Ahead
(Philippines) Staid - Too Deep Until Now (Chain of Strength cover)
(Malaysia) SecondxCombat - Infidelity
(Malaysia) SecondxCombat - This Is the Reason I Stay
(USA) Truth Inside - Truth Inside
(USA) Truth Inside - Goals And Dreams
(Philippines) Half The Battle - An Exercise In Free Will
(Philippines) Half The Battle - Purpose
(Belgium) Not Afraid - Not Afraid
(Brazil) Positive Youth - Decepcao
(Columbia) xPosi Thinkx - Consumo
(Columbia) xPosi Thinkx - De lo sutil a la Innegablemente Necesario
(UK) Times Together - Cause For Concern
(UK) Times Together - Break The Mold
(USA) Outlast - American Dreams
(USA) Outlast - Power For Change
(Poland) Double Vision -Phony
(Bulagaria) Unbreakable - Suffering For Satisfaction
(Australia) Refrain - Growing Up
(Australia) Refrain - Just Another Fool (the Abused cover)
(USA) Alert - Be Heard
(Mexico) It's X Now - La Solucion
(Mexico) It's X Now - Resistir
(Portugal) Pressure - Your Rage
(Portugal Pressure - Words and Promises
(Japan) xBrightx - Light in the Dark
(Japan) xBrightx - Common Bond
(UK) IronxCurtain - Use Abuse
(Chile) Identidad - Nuestros Pasos
(Chile) Reminder - Strong Enough
(Australia) Thick Skin - Fairweather
(Australia) Thick Skin - Enough
(Italy) Upward - What We Stand For
(Portugal) Critical X Point - Make or Break
(Australia) Right Minds - Consumed
(Japan) Public Sphere - Anchors Up
(Russia) Rearranged - Letter to A Friend
(Italy) Set Me Free - Only One Flag
(USA) Better Times - The Kids Still Have Their Say
(Indonesia) Straight Answer - Fasisme Pasti Runtuh
(Indonesia) Straight Answer - Same Old Story (The Oppressed cover)
(Australia) Ill Brigade - Flex Your Head
(Australia) Ill Brigade - Bad Attitude
(Sweden) Stay Hungry - Overture
(Sweden) Stay Hungry - Bottoms Up For The Weak Minds

Clevo Stomp - by Committed on the Outro

Staid picture by Mel Dolorico

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Pedro, Laguna to Los Angeles, CA


So its been a while now since the last time I write something new here. And this would be my first post since I moved here in the US last May. A lot of changes has happened, from adapting to the weather and the daily use of english language, the time difference from where I came from, and the culture since California has a lot of different race and nationality. The food here is awesome and I think every city adheres something unique or special to offer. From Vegan/Vegetarian to your usual meat serving cafe/restaurant. But still there's a lot of option you can find especially in their super market.

Hardcore, Punk, and Fanzine

I've been staying here now for five months and yet, I haven't been to any shows around LA. And yes , stupid as it may sound, there's a lot of shows going on but it's a pain in the ass if you don't have your own source of income to spend for yourself. In other words, I'm still unemployed haha. But I'm hoping that by this coming month I will get this job that I wanted. Another problem, and something I noticed, most of the people here don't commute through means of public transportation. But instead everyone owns a fucking car. You can travel by taking a bus, but there's a time schedule that you need to catch up. Most of the places here also will take 2 or 3 rides before you get to your destination, but it still depends on where you're going. If you want to travel from city to city. You can also take the train. It would be the fastest and the most convenient. No heavy traffic. And yeah fuck the rush hour in Downtown.

From where I live in LA there are three record stores that I've already checkout. Each and everyone cater vinyl records and different kinds of music that fits to your taste. The first is Permanent Records along Colorado Boulevard which is a new one. Wombleton Records along York, and the third one that I forgot the name which is just across from my street and run by a middle aged hispanic boy. Now there's a record store that I want to check out in LA, that is Headline Records which is the haven for punk and hardcore records.

Speaking of fanzines. It's awesome that Razorcake is for free in every public library here. Two thumbs up for that! I just wish younger kids would take the chance to pick it and read. Because usually when I comeback to the library and check for a new one, those free issue are just left alone, untouched in their respective shelves. It would also be great if we could introduce fanzines (of all types) in our public library there in the Philippines. Not only it would be educational, but at the same time it can help anyone to be inspired and creative in writing their own stuff.

As for my zine, I'm still passionate about it and there's no way I'm gonna stop doing the things that I love. 3rd issue is on the plan and this time it will be a split issue. Just wait at the next announcement. I will also post the bands that will be featured for this one. I've already made my list. One thing that my co-op and I needs to complete here is the number of pages that we're going to make.

My 2nd issue is still out and you can get your copies through the editor of xBelievex Fanzine in the Philippines (She printed for her own distribution there). For those I promised to send out their respective copy, you will get yours after I print out another batch. Sorry for the long delay, especially the bands I have featured here. My excuse is still the financial aspect. If anyone is willing trade or to distribute it. I'm always down. Just reach me at my email. You can view it on my profile here.

Read on the next post. Still stoked on Hardcore and Punk. Still Edge.